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Edward Jacobs, Ph.D., BCN
Licensed Psychologist 
Board Certified in Neurofeedback

I am a psychologist licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I provide counseling and psychotherapy, neurofeedback training, and psychological testing to children and adults, and consultation. I work with children from infancy through adolescence, and with adults. I will first do a comprehensive clinical assessment so I can get to know you better and understand what your needs are. Then I will discuss with you the possible ways that I or my colleagues might be able to help you. I might recommend individual, family or couples counseling, parenting meetings, psychological testing, neurofeedback training, or consultation to your or your child's school, physician, health care provider or mental health provider. I will explain to you the reasons for my recommendations and give you plenty of opportunity to ask me questions and discuss the options.

I have over 36 years of experience in providing mental health services. I graduated from Vassar College and earned my Ph.D. from Temple University. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Judge Baker Guidance Center as a Clinical Fellow in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, where I later served on the clinical faculty as a Clinical Instructor in Psychology. I have also taught at Temple University, and I served on the faculty of EEG Spectrum International, one of the major training programs in the world for neurofeedback. I enjoy collaborating with other professionals, and have supervised and consulted to many other clinicians working with children and adults, providing psychotherapy, neurofeedback training and psychological testing. I also enjoy writing, and I have published many articles on family therapy, parenting, child development and neurofeedback, and I have published two books written for parents of children with ADHD.


Richard Shulik, Ph.D., ABPP
Licensed Psychologist
Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology

I am a psychologist and a neuropsychologist, licensed as a psychologist in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  I provide psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children and adults dealing with problems with attention, learning disabilities, autism, medical problems and emotional and behavior problems.  I investigate the relationships between brain and behavior, which is critical in situations that involve brain injury, such as traumatic brain injury and lead poisoning.  Through my experience evaluating these conditions, I have accumulated many hours of experience providing expert witness testimony in court.  In addition, I provide counseling for children, adolescents and adults, parent counseling and neurofeedback training.  I graudated from the University of Michigan and earned my Master of Arts in Psychology form Harvard and my doctorate from the University of Chicago.  I was awarded a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Porfessional Psychology and am a Fellow in the Academy of Clinical Psychology at the same institution.  I have 33 years experience providing psychological services.







Danielle Viola, M.A.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

I have been a licensed mental health counselor since 2001 and have been working in the field of mental health since 1995. I provide neurofeedback and counseling to children, adolescents and adults and neurofeedback training. I am also interested in holistic approaches to mental health. I provide highly specialized behavioral and cognitive-behavioral treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree from Merrimack College and earned my Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. I have also received intensive training in evaluating and treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, as well as other anxiety spectrum disorders, from the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital.